General Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Counselling and psychotherapy can be useful to address a wide variety of issues as well as to engage in self-development. Not everybody comes to therapy with a specific problem or issue they want to work on. Often people come because they feel vaguely unsatisfied or are wondering whether there is more to life.

By engaging in self-exploration a person becomes clearer about how they create and participate in both the experiences they find fulling and those they find unsatisfying. Such awareness allows people to become conscious of the choices that are available to them and make new choices that lead them in the direction of more growthful and fulfilling experiences.

People engaging in counselling and psychotherapy also develop a much deeper and sophisticated understanding of interpersonal dynamics. When people understand how they are in relationships the quality of their relationships improves aiding them in both their work lives and personal lives. Therapy often assists people who are finding it difficult to meet a partner, make or sustain friendships or are having difficult relationships with family members or co-workers.

People engaging in longer term counselling or psychotherapy often experience an increase in self-esteem and confidence. Working through past experiences from childhood and adulthood can help people work through any feelings of shame, guilt, powerlessness or worthlessness. The actual process of therapy and the increased insight people experience also enhances individuals’ ability to understand and tolerate any difficult emotions they experience.

Counselling and psychotherapy can also provide support whilst dealing with life stressors such as chronic illness, difficult work situations and life transitions. Many creative people including writers, actors, musicians, dancers and artists attend counselling and psychotherapy to help enhance and unlock their creativity.

Engaging in therapy with a competent counsellor or psychotherapist has many benefits even beyond those stated. It is worthwhile considering what you can gain from engaging in counselling or psychotherapy.

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